Members of GREEN FACTORY Expo Advisory Committee

GREEN FACTORY Expo is supported by the following 8 industry-leading experts.

Kei Kawahara
Trade Finance Div.,
Financial Cooperation Office,
Trade and Economic
Cooperation Bureau,
Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry

Teiji Hirata
Corporate Vice President,
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Mitsutoshi Shigeta
Managing Executive Officer, CGXO,
Vice President / Energy Business,
Electric Works Co.,
Panasonic Corp.

Masaaki Fujiwara
Chief Sustainability Officer,
Div. COO, Sustainability
Management Div.,
Suntory Holdings Ltd.

Eiji Orihashi
Managing Executive Officer,
Head of Div.,
General Planning Div.,
Green Transformation
Development Sector,
Nippon Steel Corp.

Nobuo Fukuda
Representative EVP,
Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corp.


Yasuyuki Asakura
Senior Vice President,
Mitsubishi Corp.


Norio Nakajima
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


(As of April 24, 2023 [Honorifics omitted])