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Exhibition for Future Factory Technologies.

Business Platform to Enter Japanese/Asian Market!

1. All the Latest Future Factory Technologies & Solutions will Gather

FACTORY INNOVATION Week is a combination of 3 exhibitions for future factory technologies. The exhibitions specialised in “Factory Automation”, “Manufacturing DX” and “Sustainable Manufacturing” consist of FACTORY INNOVATION Week. RoboDEX & SMART FACTORY Expo have been held since 2017 and have already established themselves as one of the most important trade vehicles in the industry.

2. Leading Companies will Join in!

◆ Leading Companies Exhibit

< List of exhibitors in the past shows held in 2020 & 2021 (excerpted) >

◆ Exhibitors come from 25* countries/regions

< Exhibiting countries/regions in 2020 & 2021 >







・Czech Republic




・Hong Kong









Demonstrations Foster Business Discussions

*Including concurrent shows

3. High Quality Visitors Attend

< List of visitors in the past shows held in 2020 & 2021 (excerpted) >

Join FACTORY INNOVATION Week 4 Times a Year

(in September/October/December/January)

The brochure includes the following information:
 - Show Structure & Exhibit Profile
 - Show Outline
 - Excerpted List of Exhibitors in the Past Shows
 - Excerpted List of Visitors in the Past Shows
 - How to Book Exhibit Space
     (Participation Cost, Contract, Floor Map, etc.)
 ... and you can discover more!