Media Partners

<CHOM DAN, Inc.> 
Established in 1973, Chomdan is publishing 7 different print magazines and smart magazine in technical field. Also, we are total media group as the only to provide to information through technical specialty web magazine portal ‘Hello T’ in industrial field. Under editorial licensing agreement with top ranked global publishers. Chomdan magazines have become the most influential media group in Korea offering the latest information on technology and products, and its advertising service is well recognized at home and abroad

Established in 2007, AEM (automotive electronics magazine) has been the Korea’s leading media brand for automotive industry professionals. AEM’s finely targeted circulation is focused on those key engineers working in all the major carmakers, tier 1 and tier 2 component suppliers. It is also available online, the AEM website offers news, interviews, and features articles for connected cars, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, electrification, and cyber security. AEM has a print run of 8500 copies and is published 6 times a year. AEM website attract nearly 31000 unique visitors and more than 48400 page views per-month.

<Electronic Science Magazine> 
Electronic Science Magazine is welcoming 64th anniversary in 2023. Since the 1st publication in 1959, the magazine has been not only the handy book but also technology information source book for electronic engineers providing R&D and design tips, technology and market trends, and so forth. Recently, with coming of the 4th Industry Revolution, Electronic Science is trying to give insights to engineers and administrators reflecting the era’s technological and sociological trends. Electronic Science promises to be the number one magazine as we always has been to review new stream of trends and suggest new trends.

<ITBizNews information> 
ITBizNews is ‘Information Technology(IT)’ online newspaper optimized for engineers, software developers, who design and develop MCU. We are offering practical information for business, covering a wide range of areas including the embedded system, automotive, IoT industry, semiconductor and enterprise sector.

<Industry News>
Industry News, a media registered on Naver News Stand(General/Economy), opens a new media world with FA Journal and Solar Today.
FA Journal Autonomous Manufacturing presents the latest information and trends in automation technology in the industrial field, as well as the optimal solutions and methods for each industry sector, to suggest the direction for the spread of autonomous manufacturing factories in Korea. As your true media partner, We will be the eyes and ears that see and hear the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Established in 2007, LEDinside, TrendForce's LED division, provides daily updates on the global LED industry, including data, intelligence, LED adoption, prices, buyer and seller information, etc. We also provide LED industry analysis, interviews, and a comprehensive LED knowledge database.

<Logistics Tech Outlook> 
Logistics Tech Outlook magazine stands out due to its peer-to-peer learning approach, offering professionals the most widespread collection of technology trends. Logistics Tech Outlook is determined to provide a myriad of additional services that can develop organizations and assist customers deal with issues related to the industry.

Logistics Tech Outlook has become a driving force for various transportation companies, enabling them to move a step ahead and increase their ROI by offering them a platform which can help them better understand the industry dynamics and advise the course of action. We have contributors from the most established logistics and transportation organizations that present their viewpoint using our print platform.

With advice from industry experts, contributory articles from organizational leaders on technology trends, and professional articles written by our in-house team on various solution providers, we can proudly say Logistics Tech Outlook has become a one-of-a-kind magazine. Today, Logistics Tech Outlook has a longer shelf life than other magazines because it offers a plethora of articles not restricted by time or trends.

Circuits Assembly ( is the leading monthly trade publication exclusively serving the worldwide electronics assembly market. The journal focuses on the entire assembly process, including surface-mount/mixed-technology; component placement; stencil printing; soldering; rework; test/inspection; materials; process control; data management; advanced component packaging; emerging technologies; and more. Free in digital format to qualifying professions at Also available at no charge is, the industry-leading e-newsletter delivering relevant design, fabrication and assembly news and timely stories every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB ( is the leading magazine exclusively serving the worldwide PCB design and fabrication markets. It covers the latest PCB design and fabrication technologies, techniques, processes and market conditions. Free in digital format to qualifying professionals at Also available at no charge is, the industry-leading e-newsletter delivering relevant design, fabrication and assembly news and timely stories every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


Nonprofit association promoting the printed circuit engineering profession through the exchange of information and integration of new design concepts through training/certification using a worldwide network of chapters. Products: PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB ( ASSEMBLY ( magazine; PCBUPdate ( e-newsletter; PCU ( online training, PCB East/West ( ( exhibitions/conferences; PCB2Day ( workshops; Certified Printed Circuit Engineering ( design engineer certification.

<ELE Times>
ELE Times provides a comprehensive global coverage of Electronics, Technology and the Market. In addition to providing in depth articles, ELE Times attracts the industry’s largest, qualified and highly engaged audiences, Professionals/Engineers, who need to know about technology, methods, products and suppliers. They are involved in every part of the buying process, from intent to action.
ELE Times helps you build awareness, drive traffic, communicate your offerings to right audience, generate leads and sell your products better.

<Electronics For You>
Blessed to be in business since Jan of 1969, when we launched our flagship publication: Electronics For You. The opportunity to enable young techies to understand and benefit from electronics excited our founders. Since then, we have launched more magazines, e-zines, websites, social media communities and events–all around tech. But, our goal has not changed!
It remains, “To enable YOU to make informed decisions ralated to technology”.
Thus, despite many more mediums get added through which we communicate with our audiences, we continue to “do the same 2 things”.
The team at EFY has set for themselves the target of empowering and helping 25 million techies across the globe, by, 2025. Hence, we continue to invest heavily on growing our online communities and increasing the number of readers of our digital publications to achieve the 2025 goal.

<Manufacturing Outlook>
Manufacturing Outlook is a leading business and technology magazine. Manufacturing Outlook is a guide for organizations that are looking to embark on a path that leads to improved functional efficiency. We strive to provide a platform that allows high-level executives in the manufacturing industry to share their insights, which will enable business leaders and startup ecosystems to leverage manufacturing trends and provide a better understanding of the manufacturing sector and achieve business goals in an effective manner.

<Logistics & Transportation Review>
Logistics & Transportation Review is a technology print and digital magazine that reaches out to over 72,000 qualified print and digital subscribers across the U.S, Europe & APAC. It provides a comprehensive platform for senior-level logistics industry experts and decision-makers to share their insights following a unique learn by peers approach. 

<CIOReview APAC>
CIOReview is a leading technology magazine that is at the forefront of guiding enterprises through the continuously varying business environment with information about the solutions and services. The magazine serves as a trustworthy knowledge source as well as a platform for the C-suite executives, industry experts, technology buyers, and other decision-makers to share their valuable insights about new technology trends in the market.

Devdiscourse is a media platform for development stakeholders. Be it scanning the knowledge tides, doing stories on diverse developmental themes, approaches, policies, programs or sophisticated IT and big data analytics tools to catalyze the developmental landscape or simply facilitating discussions to rejuvenate intellectual energies – all is done here. Our media team supported by domain specialists of VisionRI meticulously cover the development news across the globe to maintain and enhance intellectual reflexes and competencies, and share the same at Devdiscourse. The portal as well as Android app is designed and developed on the framework of deep machine learning technologies which facilitate delivery of smart content based on user interests, browsing behaviour and location. Devdiscourse - News is available globally on web as well as Android platform to deliver smart and personalised content to users.

Electronic Specifier is a leading platform delivering cutting-edge insights and updates on electronics technology. With a focus on innovation, it offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of industry trends, product launches, and advancements in electronic components, IoT, semiconductors, and more. Subscribers gain exclusive access to in-depth articles, analyses, and expert opinions from top industry professionals and thought leaders. Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of electronics by subscribing to Electronic Specifier. Benefit from timely, reliable information tailored to engineers, designers, and enthusiasts alike, ensuring you're informed about the latest breakthroughs and developments. Join a community of tech enthusiasts and professionals shaping the future of electronics by subscribing to Electronic Specifier today.

Electronics Era provides coverage of Electronics, Technology and the Market around the globe. We provide insightful articles, attracting the industry’s largest, qualified and highly engaged readers. Who appreciate our timely & rich contents.
Our target audiences are design engineers and purchasing professionals. Our in-depth technical content delivers what they are looking for & they really weave out many ideas out of it.
Electronic Era helps you build awareness, drive traffic, communicate your offerings to the right audience, generate leads and sell your products better. We keep out content updated with the changing technologies, anticipating reader preference and delivering on advertiser demands for measurable results. Offered in print & digital versions.
The Electronics Era continues to inspire a devoted global audience– the largest qualified readership of any industry brand. Our readers are R&D professionals, researchers and product designers, OEMs and systems integrators; kindly contact us at [email protected], [email protected].

<ENE Finder>
Vasudha IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (VITS) Pune, India, is a software development company active in the field since January 2010. We have developed our first software product which is ENEFINDER ( ENEFINDER has Members (5200+) from over 50 countries, and has visitors (2,612,300+) from over 200 countries. We also have developed various other standard software tools for business growth, for Sales, Service, Projects, Billing & Inventory, etc. We also develop complete ERP/CRM, a website or any other customised softwares.

VITS Product Range in brief:-

A) ENEFINDER:- Global Online Directory – a Web portal : (, for industrial electrical, electronics and automation products/services.
Excellent platform to promote or source, buy or sell & find information about industrial Electrical, Electronics & Automation products /services online anywhere in the world. The website is an excellent platform for brand positioning, sourcing and knowledge sharing.

B) Seagull-Series: Software tools ( for business growth/monitoring for ERP, Sales CRM, Service, Projects, Billing & Inventory, ERP/CRM, Payroll & HRMS, etc.
Various software tools that are developed are considering industry requirements and needs. Free one week trial is provided for users to know more about these softwares before making a buying decision.

VITS is equipped with required software development team and marketing support team and agents. VITS has customers for ENEFINDER from India and many countries around the world. Seagull-Series products are recent entrants in market and already have customers in many cities.
With sufficiently experienced in this business, VITS has enough technology and expertise to handle successfully the challenges of business requirements for above products and offer prompt service support to client’s satisfaction.

<Global Automotive Technology>
"Global Automotive Technology is a leading B2B media channel, the world's largest provider of automotive business information, a well-known reference guide for international automotive events, and the most effective PR distribution network, reaching around half a million C-level and senior-level decision-makers in the worldwide automotive industry every month, including academia and other automotive professional communities."

<Global SMT>
Global SMT & Packaging is a global media brand that delivers print magazines, websites, newsletters, podcast and video programming to electronics manufacturers across the world. 
Global SMT & Packaging reaches over 180,000 industry professionals in the surface mount and advanced packaging industries, serving electronics manufacturing in over 104 different countries.
These professionals are Production Managers, Test Managers, Quality Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers, Presidents, CEOs, Buyers etc.
Global SMT & Packaging readers span a wide range of different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, military, medical, industrial, consumer and telecoms, but are also at the forefront of emerging technologies such as driverless cars, drones, wearables, 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart factory, smart city and many new medical advances.

<Industrial Media, LLC>
Established in 1933, Industrial Equipment News (IEN) pioneered the product news tabloid format, becoming the leader in technology and product information for the industrial sector. With a legacy of marketing innovation that dates back to the creation of the reader service card, IEN continues to offer unique campaign opportunities that can generate leads, build brand awareness, and provide thought leadership, enabling clients to effectively measure and maximize their ROI. Experience the power of IEN’s expertise in driving measurable results for your marketing initiatives.

TimesTech Media, India's #1 growing B2B Media House, on Electronics and Technology is exploring the editorial opportunity for companies/firms working in the EMS Industry
TimesTech Buzz is India's leading Magazine and Web portal, which is catering and addressing the industry hunger for electronics and technology information. We are hereby committed to giving our readers exhaustive information on electronics technology and revolutionary innovations in the field that will define the trajectory of coming times. 

Professionals/engineers, who demand accuracy and excellence in their work, need to know about technology, methods, products and suppliers. They are included in every part of the procurement process with intent to action.
TimesTech continues to inspire a global audience dedicated to the largest qualified reader of any industry brand. Our Reader R&D Professional, Researcher and Product Designer, OEM and System Integrators - Are Your Customers.

<Utilities Tech Outlook>
Utilities Tech Outlook is that quintessential platform that informs about the latest trends, challenges, and technology solutions in the space. Utilities Tech Outlook follows a learn-from-peer approach where the decision-makers provide their opinions and reviews about innovative technologies, which can create a difference in the utilities space. We aspire to be the trusted magazine for decision-makers in the various utility channels including electricity, natural gas, waste management, water, and sewage, guiding them toward adopting the best in technology to streamline their operation, enhance customer experience, and boost revenue.

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